Global Yoga Teachers' Directory
Ewa Ahlsén
Lindevägen 41 120 48 Enskede Gård, Sweden
Tel Number 0046-(0)730 50 33 91
About me: I am a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapeut and have been practising yoga for more than 15 years. I have been teaching yoga the last five years. I give weekly classes in Hatha yoga in Stockholm. I work mostly at Salve,
I give Pregnancy classes, Mom and baby yoga and classes for old people and off course regular yoga classes.

Charlotta Bergman
Stockholm, Sweden
Mobile: +46 (0)705 - 471809

About me: I have been Sajis student since 2005 and as a yogateacher I try to live and teach in his spirit. I have courses in Hatha yoga on different levels, from beginners to advanced. I´m also a yogatherapist (trained by Saji) and work with groups and individuals to go deeper into the body, mind and spirit.

Lena Björkblad
Korpralsgatan 9, 911 34 Vännäs.Sweden Tel.number: 0935-10891,
About me: I give 10 week´s Yoga courses in Hatha Yoga for beginners and advanced practioners, education in schools and companies. I have many years experience. Certificated Yoga teacher educated in India.

Avihla Ayurveda & Yoga
Bronsåldersvägen 30
380 30 Rockneby,Sweden
+46 (0)480-42 30 50
About me:We offer courses and retreats in Hatha yoga as well as Ayurvedic health consultations and treatments. Among the yoga courses we conduct beginners- and experienced yoga courses, pregnancy yoga, Little yogis courses for children, stress management yoga and Pranayama and Meditation.

Lin Holmquist
Malmgatan 8, 70354 Örebro,Sweden
Contact Phone Number: 070 486 09 18
E-mail Address:
About me:Lins dharma, her mission in life is to spread the love and bliss that dwells inside of evryone, to let you explore your true potential and higher self. As a yogateacher, yogatherapist, danceteacher and writer, she uses different techniques to let you get in touch with your own truth and confidence. To learn new ways to explore and enjoy life. "Happyness is nothing you can find, happyness is something that you are.

Veda - Yoga & Ayurveda (Linda Wikstrom)
Norrgatan 15, 352 31 Vaxjo, Sweden
Tel Phone Number :+46738036520
E-mail Address:
About me: Welcome to Veda, a place of peace. Enjoy Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra. Or just relax during an Ayurvedic Treatment. In our shop you can find most things for yoga: mats, pillows, music, neti's, insence, books and also Veda's own Yoga-CD's (in swedish). WELCOME!

Anne Karin Brink(Yogateacher and yogatherapeut)
Kragero in South-Norway.
Tel Phone Number: +92805363
About me: She lives on a beautiful island at the coast of Kragero in South-Norway. Anne Karin has a long experience with the effects of yoga practice. She has been practicing Classical yoga since 1974 and has been teaching yogaclasses from 1981.
She`s still active as a yoga teacher and yoga therapeut.

Mrs. Noomi Steffan
Baggabyggevägen 7, S-310 20 KNÄRED, Sweden
Phone Number: Sweden: 0430 - 51088 or 0433 - 10490

About me:My profession: health practitioner
working with Ayurveda and Yoga (classical), giving Ayurvedic consultations and yoga lessons individual or in groups for all ages.

Monica Giske
Haugerudveien 72, 0674 OSLO, Norway
Phone Number: +47 96 66 32 12
also see (where I work)
About me: My vision is to create a space to feel free and to love ourselves just as we are! I have taken yoga into my heart the last 4-5 years, and started to play with in in a joyus and loving way! For me Yoga is about connecting and grounding in the same time, and to bring us back into our bodies and Spirit of Heart...
If you want to join this vision, please come and play with me in Norway!

Ravindra Barot.tockholm, Sweden.
About me:- I successfully attended Saji,s course in Kerala,Dec2007. I have been training Karate since 1974 and have 5th Dan grading in Okinawa goju Ryu. Was graded 1st dan by Sensei Morio Higaonna 10th Dan and 5 thdan was graded by sensei Tetsuhiro Hokama
My ambition is to deepen my knowledge in the connections between martial arts and hatha yoga with help from my much loved yoga teacher and mentor Saji.

Christine Olsén
Stockholm, Sweden
Mobile: +46703542530

About me: I’ve been doing yoga for about seven years, and the last four years I’ve been teaching. I have three kinds of classes; hatha yoga, a more dynamic yoga flow and private classes. All of my classes are filled with the feeling of love, freedom and joy. Yoga has become a way of living for me and I love to share it with my students. I’m also a health therapist, so beside my yoga teaching I also give massage treatments. The name of my company is Moemo Wellness- and whether you’re a student or a teacher, feel warmly welcome to visit if you’re in Stockholm!

Magdalena Mecweld
Stockholm, Sweden
Mobile: +46 70 7301898

About me:
Yoga and meditation has been a great interest my whole life. I am practicing hatha-yoga since the year 2000 and I've been teaching it (Ashtanga) on and off since 2003. I finished Sajis teacher training in summer 2008. I currently teach Yin Yoga at Inbalance Yoga Studio in Stockholm. I mix different yoga-schools and styles, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Classical Hatha and now the mindfulness yoga called Yin. Welcome to contact me if you have any questions!

Alexandra Nagorka
Malmö, Sweden
Mobile: +46 (0)73 - 567 79 83

About me:
I have been practicing different kinds of yoga the last ten years. Hatha yoga is the most spiritual yoga for me and that’s why I completed Sajis hatha yoga teacher training course in 2008. I’m also an international certified coach. My aim is to coach and give yoga classes within my own company.

Marlin Oscar
Oslo, Norway

About me:
Myself marlin , living in Oslo. Five year I have been practicing yoga and meditation. I took yoga course from saji, now I am teaching yoga classes in Oslo in the corner of my beautiful Art studio near to sea side. My classes are yoga for beginners and children’s. Also I am displaying Art exhibition in my studio mostly welcome to my yoga.

Jenny Bergstrom
Stockholm, Sweden
Mobile: +46 70 7667514

About me :
Yoga for me is to find balance in life and to keep a strong and healthy body.
I love teaching yoga! The opportunity to share the wonderful experience and knowledge about yoga, to see the happiness and positive changes with my students – makes me happy and give my teaching a meaning. Since 2007 I’m certified yoga teacher. I’m teaching at different places in Stockholm. At companies, yoga studios, companies for health maintenance and I have my own courses.
My special skill: I’m happily taking students with diabetes (type 1) because of my own experience of diabetes and hatha yoga and the positive effects of health. It has given me better balance of blood sugar levels and a higher quality of life. Welcome to contact me if you’re interested in changing your lifestyle or just to experience the wonderful.

Stina Levin
Tomtebogatan 8c, 633 48 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Tel (0046)0768-542621
About me: My vision is to inspire people to slow down, look inside themselfs and discover their own inner potential. I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher and I give yoga classes in Eskilstuna, Sweden. I also give lectures, workshops about yoga and mindfulness.

Thongriela Dahl
Björkshult, Grönskåra, Sweden
Tel Phone Number: +46 481 70300
About me: I have been practicing yoga on and off for the last five years. Completed Saji's Yoga Teachers Training Course in 2007. Since then I have been working with groups. I am also a Massage Therapist, work with CranioSacral therapy and together with my husband I run a holistic center in south east Sweden.

Mary M. O'Donnell
Globe, Arizona, United States of America
Tel Phone Number: US + 928-200-0230
About me:
1. Hatha Yoga teacher with beginning mantra instruction.
2. Orthopedic, lymphatic, Swedish Massage Therapist networked with other alternative health practitioners in our area.

Janne Spetz
Lundagatan 40B; 11727 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel Mobile : +46 (0)707 64 45 30
About me: Certifeid yoga teacher in Hatha yoga from Saji's Vasishta yoga 2008 and Kundalini yoga from GuruRattana's teacher training. I have a specialization in mantra meditation and chanting and teach this at yoga centers, retreats and festivals.

Jessica Jonsson
Öland, Löttorp, Sweden (and sometimes Kalmar)
Tel Phone: +46(0) 485-20707
Mobile: +46(0)733-56 13 77
Yoga Classes ,Yogic Massage, Yogic Healing.

Anya Sidilkovskaya
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel Mobile : +7 351 903 7955
About me: Teaching yoga for me is a way to enjoy myself and help others. Enjoy what you doing and you never have to work! I’ve studied at YTTC and ATTC and I’m very grateful to Saji for involving me deeper into yoga. Every time I teach I feel Saji is somewhere around and it supports a lot. I give group and private classes in classical hatha yoga, perform Yoga Introduction courses, pranayama, yoga nidra, nada yoga and mantra yoga workshops. To encourage people to practice yoga I arrange Saji’s visits to Russia, perform yoga awareness events, free classes and maintain web-site I heartily invite everybody to my studios. If any Russians need clarifications about Saji’s courses please contact me!.

Evening Lategano
Hvar Island, Croatia
Tel: 00385 91 739 2526
About Me: Evening is a certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist and has trained in various styles of yoga, including Suryasakti Yoga (vinyasa yoga style), Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan & the Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy, as taught by Saji and colleagues at the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation. Evening is also a Reiki Master and Domancic Method Bioenergy Therapist, and is totally dedicated to educating others about living a holistic way of life. To her, yoga is a state of being - not simply a practice. At her retreat in Croatia, Evening invites students to experience a balanced, holistic lifestyle; one that involves the regular integration of yoga, holistic therapy, spiritual study, time in nature, relaxation, creative exploration and community involvement. For more information, please visit:

Liv Stavås
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel Mobile: +46 706326062
About me: Yoga is life to me. Through yoga I have become conscious about my body, my breath and my thoughts. My life has become more balanced and I can handle stress and my moods in a better way. With yoga as a tool I want to inspire others to find a better, healthier and more conscious life in a peace and harmony. I offer yoga for companies , classes, private sessions, workshops etc. Please read more (in Swedish) on my website.

Tatiana Vasilevskaya
Sydney, Australia.
Tel Mobile: 0402326440
About me: I become a yoga teacher after many years of working full time in a corporate world as an IT professional. Believe that yoga is a therapy for everyone no matter how old or how fit or how reach person is.
I was completed sajis yoga therapy course in 2010 and continue working with groups of yoga students in cherrybrook and privately as Yoga Therapist.

Monica Giske
Södertälje, Sweden
Tel Mobile: +46 (0) 705 - 69 32 12
About me: My vision is for everyone to create a space for themselves. To feel the freedom inside and love themselves just as they are! I have taken yoga into my heart and I want to share this with you! I like to play with in a joyus and loving way! Yoga is about connecting and grounding - NOT performance. Yoga is for all of us, and step by step it bring us back into our bodies and Spirit of Heart... Welcome! Alternative therapy, Energy Reading, Healing and Conversation/Life guidance.

Mimi Radjab
Tel: +628123621426
About me: After wandering around for many years visiting one Yoga Healing center and another, learning a bit here and there, finally last year in December I was led to YTTC at Shantidhara in Wayanad, Kerala, and got my yoga teacher's certification. Thanks to Saji's teaching and encouragement, now at Bale Asri (my home in Bali), the bale (open air pavilion) is used exclusively for Yoga and meditation practices, where any one interested may participate. Whenever you happen to be in Bali, you too are welcome to join any session, or do your own practice here.

Anna Wan & Juergen Hergenroeder
Munich, Germany
Tel: 0049175 40 20 176 (German)
Tel: 0049177 44 28 503 (English)
About me: We are certified Hatha Yoga Teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT500) and have been teaching in Yoga studios and fitness studios in Munich since 2004. We are trained in classical Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy and and have also completed an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with the International Vasishta Yoga Foundation. We are currently teaching in Munich and offer weekly open classes and beginners classes, monthly half day workshops, yoga retreats and yoga holidays.
All of our classes are team taught by 2 teachers in English and/or German.

Sianne Karrane
Tel: 07947207291
About me: I am a hatha yoga teacher, I have been practicing yoga for half my life and just love the way it makes me feel and I want to share the benefits of yoga with others! I completed my teacher training with Saji and since then I teach at Marketsports in Shoreditch, London and also give corporate classes at my clientís work premises for groups. In the Summer I teach outdoor yoga in some of Londonís Commons. I am also available to give individual 1:1 yoga tutoring. For more info or to contact me- please go to.