•Thank you so much for everything. You have been a great inspiration as well as a fantastic teacher. Keep well..relax..Smiley face.   Debbie -England

•Thank you for all you have given. Thank you for your example of kindness, love, patience and gentleness and enthusiastic service to meet all our needs – your life in yoga is a wonderful example. Much love and gratitude. Susi – Australia.

•Thank you for guiding us through this wonderful experience, I feel blessed to have learned so much of this amazing art, keep smiling, lots of love. Rudy – Canada

•You are the most patient teacher I have ever met! You have taught us all that peace and understanding are beautiful things, Hug. Brad – Canada

•True teachers use themselves as bridge over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing , joyfully collapse ,encouraging them to create bridges our guiding light and channeling god’s love. I will always keep this experience close in my heart. You will be one among all the teachers I will thank (next to patanjali) whenever I start my yoga practice! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Om santhi. Ambily – USA

•Thank you for a interesting and challenging course. I have learnt a lot. I hope I will put it to good practice when I return home. Tanya – London

•Thank you saji, fro sharing your knowledge. You and Patanjali have given me tools to move closer to god. I am touch by the love , this month has given me. I hope I will meet you again in this life. Om shanthi. Marten – Sweden

•There is no words of thanks to great to offer you for sharing your knowledge with us. I could not have chosen a better spiritual guide. Your humor, kindness, love, patience and spirit are my best memories of learning yoga. Life is beautiful Om Santhi . Mona – Canada

•This has been an amazing experience for me! Thanks for enlightening me about yoga and its vast branches. You have opened my awareness and I can’t wait to learn more about yoga. you are a wonderful teacher and genuine person. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love. Mimi – Bali

•Thank you for showing me a new truth, a new peace and new focus. Elis – Australia

•This has been such a wonderful month learning experience. Thank you for your patience and for keeping me decide what I want to do with my life!(yoga). hope I can be (almost) as truly inspiration teacher as you some day. Ali - London

•Thank you so much a wonderful and interesting experience. We all learned a lot about ourselves through you. Namaste. Jacqueline – Canada


•Before I joined the AYTTC 2011, I had no idea who Saji was, or what he offered, beyond his internet site. . .and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. I could not, however, have been happier with what I got from the course - it went well beyond my expectations in every way. Saji gives great depth to yoga, while maintaining a strong purity to the practice. He teaches with both confidence and humility, and thus creates a rich space for students to explore, question, experience and build a strong foundation for their personal practice and teaching of yoga. He expects discipline, but always brings humor and reality to the table. In addition to Saji, were the wonderful guest teachers whose lectures illuminated many aspects in and around yoga. I walk away from the course much more centered in my yoga practice, in my life, and with much gratitude and eagerness to return for further study with VASISHTA! Jessy - USA

•Thank you for your generosity in sharing your deep knowledge of Yoga, and for your patience and compassion while teaching us. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be studying and living with a true Yoga master! We really felt like we were part of a yoga family while we were there.
Anna and Juergen - Germany

•I want to thank you again for your precious teachings and inspiration that you have given me. The training has provided me with a new approach in my practice with the 3 D awareness which I love. I am able to deepen my practice and acquire more flexibility in my asanas as well as calmness of the mind as I learned to relax in the poses. Your knowledge and sense of humor made every day a pleasure to be your student. I fell very lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of this experience and I am sure that we will meet again. This training gave me more knowledge and confidence to teach. I am learning to give up resistance as I go with the flow. Dominique - New York